Optic Echo Presents

Best Vinyl of 2020

More than a couple of weeks late, but here we are, with the long-awaited vinyl mix, still marking down, bookmarking, and closing off a year we won’t surely miss… but at least there was a lot of awesome music, and as such, thanks to Mike Jedlicka once again, we are celebrating the best it had to give. A fascinating playlist here, with more than a few new artists even to my ears. So yes, I am enjoying it as well! And if you like this beautiful selection, be sure to check out our past archive of Optic Echo Presents mixes, as well as the ongoing Best of 2020 lists, which I intend to finish up this week. Also, I want to quickly point out that this is Mike’s 10th vinyl mix for Headphone Commute which we publish at the end of each year – so yeah, we’ve been at it for a decade now, kids!


  •  KMRUPeel c1
  •  Jake MuirThe Hum of Your Veiled Voice b2
  •  Lucy GoochRushing a2
  •  Quiet PlacesVolume 1 a1
  •  TR JordanJust for You a1
  •  Golden Retriever & Chuck JohnsonRain Shadow a2
  •  Fadi TabbalSubject to Potential Errors and Distortion a4
  •  Tape Loop OrchestraReturning Two a1.2
  •  36 & ZakèStasis Sounds for Long-Distance Space Travel a2
  •  Valance DrakesFreedom is it’s Own Kind of Slavery b1
  •  OFFTHESKY & The Humble BeeWe Were the Hum of Dreams b3
  •  InventionsContinuous Portrait b4
  •  Sarah DavachiCantus, Descant a3
  •  WL (Patricia Wolf remix)ADHD (flexidisc)
  •  Night SeaStill b1
  •  Pepo Galan & Sita OstheimerContact b3
  •  Windy and CarlAllegiance and Conviction b1
  •  Gia MagaretMia Garget b1
  •  Haunted GhostNew Life Paeans a3
  •  Claire RousayBoth b1.2
  •  r benyThe Dashboard Cast a Spectral Glow a1
  •  Black BrunswickerThesis 18 b1.2
  •  Secret PyramidEmbers b2