Optic Echo Presents

Best Vinyl of 2021

The current Best of the Year feature is well underway, and besides dragging you through all of the amazing albums that you’ve missed, I also think that you should be able to hear some, or, in this case, specifically the best vinyl of the last year, as selected by Mike Jedlicka. It’s a beautiful journey that has introduced me to some new music as well, and I’m forever grateful for this special friendship that we’ve maintained over more than a decade. This is our 11th year in sharing this music, and if you like the choices, be sure to check out our past archive of Optic Echo Presents mixes. As usual with our podcasts – less words and more music, and please, be sure to support the featured artists and labels!


  •  Clare RousayA Softer Focus b1
  •  DialectKeep Going Under a1
  •  Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food TigersA Cassowary Apart a2
  •  A Winged Victory for the SullenInvisible Cities a6
  •  Good Weather for an AirstrikeKenopsia 10” b1
  •  Félecia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-LedesmaUn Hiver En Plein Été b3
  •  —__–___The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid a5
  •  Peter Broderick (Bing & Ruth remix)The Wind that Shakes the Bramble a4
  •  Lina FilipovichMagnificat a2
  •  GrouperShade a1
  •  SussPromise b2
  •  Zakè & Marine EyesUnfailing Love b1
  •  Jake MuirMana a5
  •  Bell OrchestreHouse Music b1
  •  AnthéneHeld b4
  •  Lawrence EnglishObservation of Breath a2
  •  Awakened Souls & From OverseasKeep the Orange Sun b3
  •  Jason Van WykThreads b1
  •  Space AfrikaHonest Labor a1
  •  Nosdam + RayonFrom Nowhere to North b1
  •  One Million EyesBrama b3
  •  Abul MogardIn Immobile Air b1
  •  PDP IIIPilled Up on a Couple of Doves a1
  •  Hollie KenniffThe Quiet Drift b1
  •  Valance DrakesA Patternless and Endless Soul a1
  •  DrapePoem to Night b1