Fingers in the Noise

Drone Journey

And just like that, new things begin. This morning is another day, sleepily yawning into the autumn sky. It’s all about cycles. It’s all about change. “Everything changes,” a car salesman said to me when I asked about the improvements over the last year’s model during my test drive. I’m sure he knew how right he was. For today’s special podcast I invite you to contemplate this and many other important life lessons as you travel alongside Fingers in the Noise. It’s a journey you’ll enjoy…

This mix was first and foremost created just for me. The selected pieces helped me relax and relieve the stress of everyday life. I’m also happy that I could share this music, and introduce you to the less known artists. I hope you will enjoy this timeless journey as the sound transports you to a distant landscape and evokes a meditation for a better world.

Porya Hatami – Snail
Jan Jelinekā€Ž – Fragments One
Ametsub – Sun of Madrid
Kettenkarussell – Spirale
Taylor Deupree – Sea Last
Ayln – Before The Next Perfect
Antendex – For The Forgotten
Melorman – Heights (Need A Name Remix)
Purl & Deflektion – Make It Sure
Lorenzo Montana – Arcanskape
loscil – Showers Of Ink
Deru – Three Cheers for Existence
Orbit Over Luna – un jardin des cieux
Pawn – We are Alone Until the End of the World (W/ Josh Varnedore)
Geskia! – Joint Chant
Letna – Crossing the Bridge (Novisad)
Maps and Diagrams – Penelope
Opitope – The Dawn Of Memories
Ed Hamilton – Suddiad
Human Error – Heat Haze
r.roo – one question
Plumbline & Roger Eno – Pulling Strings
Arbitrarium – Missing Socks
Pjusk / Sleep Orchestra – Vansunbarth
Exif – Sea Of Fog
Ocoeur – My Love

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