A year since … and darkness came [follow up]

Dear friends,

Thanks to your generosity and tremendous support we were able to raise yet another $10,000 [and this is after all the fees by Bandcamp and PayPal] and make two donations in January of 2014 to Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society. This is a monumental achievement, considering that the compilation was released more than a year ago, as well as an undeniable testimony that music can and will be used for good. Check out this excellent article by Tobias Fischer of Tokafi, titled Powerful Potential, covering this positive force of change, including Headphone Commute’s colossal compilation.

But wait, that’s not all!

Through some serendipitous recourse and perfect timing, we were able to stretch that ten thousand dollars even further!!! The Humane Society was running a special appeal which included a 100% match from another non-profit organization for all donations in the month of December, so of course we jumped on board. Plus, there was yet another drive through HC’s [undisclosed] employer, which pledged a 25% match for all charitable donations within a particular time. Which, if our math serves us right, actually raised a total of $15,000!

And that means that to date, again with many thanks of you, we all have raised a grand total of $35,000!!!


Thank you!