Mix Tape 121212

There are days and even weeks when things just don’t go as they’re planned. Do you know what I mean? You start off in the morning with a few scheduled tasks, only to find out that you trip up along the way on minuscule obstacles that frustrate to no end. Perhaps it’s a simple network connection, or a broken alarm clock, or an under-cooked omelet. These frustrations stem from our expectations. Things simply do not align with your plans, but they are there, unfolding all on their own. At least there’s music. A constant state of being we can all rely on. Here’s to less plans and more beautiful sounds. Enjoy this fantastic mix from SaffronKeira, and let all your frustrations and stress melt away. |

01 Olan Mill – Amber balanced [Facture]
02 Raime – passed over trail [Blackest Ever Black]
03 Stars of the lid – Tippy’s demise [Kranky]
04 Richard Knox & Frédéric D. Oberland – Le Passage du Nord-Ouest [Gizeh Records]
05 Solo Andata – Loom [12k]
06 Tomasz Bednarczyk – Little Spring [12k]
07 loscil – Estuarine [Kranky]
08 Max Richter – Haunted Ocean, Pt. 4 [Delabel]
09 SaffronKeira – the disease [Denovali]
10 – 32°F porcelain, metal & ice [Glacial Movements Records]
11 Ryuichi Sakamoto – Disko [Commmons]
12 Mitchell Akiyama – Palindrone [Substractif]
13 SaffronKeira – Symbiosi [Denovali]
14 The Sight Below – At First Touch [Ghostly International]
15 Locrian – The Crystal World [Utech Records]

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