I hope you’re ready for this… I hope your friends are ready too, because this is something you must share! Halloween is approaching, and I wanted to publish some dark and eerie sounds. I couldn’t think of anyone better to create this atmosphere than Black Swan. I have been personally fascinated with this mysterious artist’s aesthetic of hushed tones and dark ambiance since his 2010 debut release on ExperimediaIn 8 Movements. A year later, the same label picked up his sophomore release, The Quiet Divide (read Headphone Commute review), and in 2012, Black Swan has already released two (!) albums, titled Heaven and Aeterna (review to be published shortly) on his very own Ethereal Symphony label. Anyway… back to the mix… If you’re throwing a Halloween themed party, make sure you play these sounds for your audience. After all, it’s Music For Masquerade!

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01 Mystic Moods Orchestra – A Dream
02 Kronos Quartet/Istvan Marta – Doom. A Sigh
03 Jacaszek – Tren IV
04 Kaboom Karavan – Lentetooi
05 The Flowers of Hell – Forest of Noise
06 Elliot Sharp – Klystron
07 Elegi – Skrugard
08 Black Swan – Heaven Part VIII
09 Aethenor – Faking Gold And Murder Part IV
10 EUS – Mesé
11 Tim Hecker – In The Fog III

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