Floyd Kelley III – Dynamophone [part one]

After an amazing mix dedicated to Microsound, featuring recordings from 12k and LINE imprint, Floyd Kelley III returns to Headphone Commute Podcast with another label showcase. This time he selects his favorite recordings from Dynamophone Records, a San Francisco based purveyor of cinematic, euphoric, and ethereal sounds. This is a two hour journey that will take you through melodic electronica, organic ambiance and soothing melancholy tones.

Make sure you check out part two!

floydkelley.com | dynamophone.com

01. The Soul’s Release – Set Sail To Nowhere
02. Sleep Robot – Lakes
03. Geskia – Melamine
04. Amman/Josh – Leawood
05. Fjordne – Everyone Has A Season
06. Näo – Apple Pie
07. The Balustrade Ensemble – Synnøve Skeie
08. The Refractors – Inherit
09. The Abbasi Brothers – Comera Flashes Blue
10. Moshimoss – My Everlong
11. Disinterested – Dissonance
12. A Lily – The Sleepers

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