low light mixes

illusions of autumn

It still hasn’t snowed on the east coast of the US. The temperature does dip below 30, but then there are days when it’s over 50 degrees, and the sun is blaring into my studio, its warmth so strong I still haven’t turned on the heat. The trees have shed their withered leaves, but the earth is too warm for the flurries to stay. This latest mix from Dave Michuda is perfect for this morning. Titled Illusions of Autumn, the selector behind low light mixes takes you on an eclectic trip through Arve Henriksen, Daniel Lanois, Harold Budd, Steve Tibbetts, Maps & Diagrams and more…

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00:00 Nils Frahm – Old Thought
04:00 Cliff Martinez – Rubber Head
06:25 Benoît Pioulard – Malick
08:45 Daniel Lanois – Matador
13:05 King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – First Watch
15:10 Harold Budd – Come Back to Me in Dreams
16:55 Arve Henriksen – Sorrow and It’s Opposite
19:00 Steve Tibbetts – Nine Doors Breathing Space
20:55 Arve Henriksen – Sorrow and It’s Opposite(continuation)
21:40 Andrey Kiritchenko – Agravic Illusion
26:50 Animal Hospital – Nostalgia
28:00 The Fun Years – Fucking Milwaukee’s Been Hesher Forever
31:15 Bexar Bexar – n.r.o.t.
34:05 Daniel Lanois – Sketches
38:00 Antonymnes meets Slow Dancing Society – A Feeling of Being Closer
46:55 Maps & Diagrams – When the Night Came
50:15 Emanuele Errante – Counterclockwise
55:40 Cliff Martinez – Wrong Floor
57:05 end

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