Richard Chartier

A Wintery Mix

Today we are honored to share with you a special mix from Richard Chartier. With numerous releases on his very own LINE, as well as 12k, Raster-Noton, Room40,  Spekk, Die Stadt and many other experimental labels, Chartier is a highly regarded sound artist, manipulator and sculptor of ambient, minimal, and reductionist electronic music. I could continue spewing praise, but will opt for “less is more” aesthetic, letting music speak for itself, in honor of the master… |

Pan Sonic – csg-sonic
Akira Rabelais – And the Permanence of Smoke or Stars
Nils Frahm – less
Robert Crouch – i melt with you II
Cabaret Voltaire – Taxi Music 1 (Redux version)
Celer – Floating Parasomnia
Chris Watson – El Divisadero
Kiji Saariaho – Tenju: A Garden Of Nanzen-Ji Temple
Bernhard Parnegiani – Energy
Seth Cluett – A Murmur Which Redoubles
Cindytalk – On the Tip of My Tongue
CoH + eLph – Dancing in Silence
aMute – Dead Hero
Daphne Oram – Intertel
Gruppo NPS – Freq Mod 2
Asher – Landscape Study 13
Toshio Hosokawa – singing trees – requiem for toru takemitsu
Comae – Trine
Harold Budd – The Foundry (for Mika Vainio)
Kazuya Ishigami – Gudohjisaishin Eno Kikyu
Lovesliescrushing – The Wounds That Won’t Heal
Mike Cooper – Alohabama
Throbbing Gristle – Exotica
Grouper – Soul Eraser
Shinkei – Wu (for Luigi)
Asmus Tietchens – Tot 3
Eleh – Pulsing Study of Sine Waves Part Two
Richard Chartier + Robert Curgenven – built thru crossfade mix
Minit – IX
Miki Yui – Tele
Janek Schaefer- Broadstairs Childrens Piano Trio
AELab – Force Tranquille
Javier Alvarez – Agave Furcroydes Lemaire
Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason – Reyja
Seefeel – Ashdecon
Einstürzende Neubauten – The Garden
Mika Vainio – Throat (excerpt)

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