Richard Chartier


For today’s podcast, we are featuring an outstanding label showcase for LINE, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, mixed by the one and only Richard Chartier. For this mix, which is also available at Name Your Price on Line’s Bandcamp [I highly recommend you grab the lossless version there!], Chartier showcases works from the most recent and back catalog of his monumental label, in the process creating more than just a label sampler, but a journey of its own. If this is your first foray into minimalism, sound art, and microsound spearheaded by LINE, then strap yourself in as you discover the many intimate layers in this most intricate of genres. The loyal followers of this monumental imprint will be happy to discover a few recent inclusions, such as a piece by Six Microphones, or the most recent release from Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid, as well as some flashbacks to the earlier pieces by Asmus TietchensWilliam Basinski + Richard Chartier, and of course, an appearance by Pinkcourtesyphone. A wonderful exhibition, which, once again, I urge you to support by purchasing this mix, or the albums appearing on it, directly from the label.


  •  hosoop.107 / from LINE_107
  •  asmus tietchensTeilmenge 38 (excerpt) / from LINE_020
  •  steve rodenforms of paper (excerpt) / from LINE_007 / LINE_053
  •  hosoop.65 / from LINE_107
  •  france jobinp orbital (excerpt) / from LINE_054
  •  derek piotrvalue system / from LINE_094
  •  øjerumof the horizon (excerpt) / from LINE_103
  •  triacdeparture two / from LINE_096
  •  joaquín gutiérrez hadidcirculaire / from LINE_106
  •  duennseeing itself / from LINE_100
  •  monty adkinsempire (excerpt) / from LINE_099
  •  vendclean 3 / from LINE_011
  •  yves de meyDXMS / from LINE_101
  •  six microphonesparts 5+6 (excerpt) / from LINE_105
  •  skoltz_kolgenhyalin (excerpt) / from LINE_014
  •  fabio perlettaichinen 3 (excerpt) / from LINE_085
  •  valerio camporini / from LINE_102
  •  ensemble d’oscillateurssynphon (excerpt) / from LINE_098
  •  agfdigital yoik (excerpt) / from LINE_SEG02
  •  masaya katolrp-IV / from LINE_104
  •  william basinski + richard chartieruntitled 3 (excerpt) / from LINE_034
  •  pinkcourtesyphone + gwyneth wentinkwhere sickness left its touch (excerpt) / from LINE_SEG06