Richard Chartier

Between Two Points

I am super excited to welcome the one and only Richard Chartier back to the mix series. Not even as Pinkcourtesyphone, of whom, I am undeniably a huge fan, but as Richard Chartier himself, which is a rare treat indeed. For exactly two hours, Chartier collects his latest favorite pieces to weave in a fabric of textures, featuring many of our beloved artists previously appearing on Headphone Commute, plus a few more records that we need to check out! This is a sonic treat which is simply wonderful with a great pair of headphones!

arne nordheim – myrfolket
colin newman – fish 4
janek schaefer – sparkles into the light of night
kate carr – i didn’t get a lot of sleep in mexico
steve roden – and arcs. and ears.
walter marchetti – natura morta (excerpt)
simon fisher turner – it happened by chance
jon brooks – PN_17
miguel isaza – eco
robert crouch – brick by brick
simon whetham – watering the piano (part 1 – excerpt)
alan lamb – meditation on spring 8
jaap vink – en dehors
olivier alary – khaltoum
ryuichi sakamoto – walker
donata epiro – luminosa
minit – x
grouper – down to the ocean
zoviet france – moresca, luft, shekinah
ΓΈ + noto – hain
jire – Kel
giancinto scelsi – okanagon
akira yamamichi – topography I – V
the caretaker – i still feel as though i am me
william basinski – 92982.3
eliane radigue – backward 19
olivier alary – IV
deathprod – boatharbour bay

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