Nomadic Kids Republic

As if Ian Hawgood did not have enough to do between running Home Normal and Tokyo Droning labels. As if producing countless albums on labels such as Experimedia, Slow Flow Rec, Dragon’s Eye, hibernate, Phantom Channel, and Under The Spire was not enough to occupy all of his time. As if his mark on this world of sonic frequencies did not reverberate across the ocean from Japan to touch the hearts and ears of all abroad… he goes and creates another label, Nomadic Kids Republic.

The label was actually longer in the making – and you can find out more from Headphone Commute’s Interview with Ian Hawgood. But in one year alone (2011), Hawgood managed to unleash upon us ten albums to date, beefing up his ever growing catalog with releases from Lefolk, offthesky, Haruki, Ten and Tracer, Naoto Taguchi, Polar M, He Can Jog, Maps and Diagrams, and opening up the label’s schedule with his own collaboration with bvdub.

In this label special we examine a few of the above albums in detail, talk with the artists, and invite some of them for a Sound Postcard. I hope you enjoy…

Interview with Ian Hawgood

Ian Hawgood, the man behind some of our favorite labels, Home Normal, Tokyo Droning, and now Nomadic Kids Republic, somehow finds the time to talk to us about his work in this insightful interview… Read entire interview…

bvdub & Ian Hawgood, offthesky, and Haruki

Sound Postcard : offthesky feat. morgan packard

In an unprecedented move, we receive a special sound postcard featuring not one, but two of our favorite musicians working together – offthesky and Morgan Packard. To be even more unconventional, Jason Corder submitted a video created exclusively for Headphone Commute‘s Sound Postcard series.
Listen to this Sound Postcard…

Polar M and Maps And Diagrams