Mix : A.P Headphone commute mix

Stockholm based Anders Peterson (A.P) is a sound designer, composer and an audio postproduction engineer, releasing music under a couple of aliases (relapxych.0, Skyscaper and Unknown caller). A.P also runs GS Mastering & Post, providing audio post solutions, and a record label called Ghost Sounds. For this exclusive Headphone Commute mix, Peterson selects a few of his own compositions, reworks and collaborations for a mesmerizing stroll down the corridor of his psyche…

Check out Peterson’s releases as relapxych.0Insomniactivity (Creative Space Records), A. P reworks Muslimgauze (Staalplaat) and City Nightlights (Ghost Sounds).


Track Listing: [mm:ss] Artist – Title (Version)
[0:00] relapxych.0 – Feedback rain
[6:28] Nadja – Autopergamene (relapxych.0 remix)
[12:10] relapxych.0 – Insomniactivity 0
[16.12] A.P – Garden therapy (Atheus remix)
[20:45] relapxych.0 – Insomniactivity 1
[22:06] A.P reworks Muslimgauze – Allahu akbar
[25:29] A.P reworks Muslimgauze – Citadel in nightlight
[31:31] relapxych.0 – City nightlights II
[37:08] A.P – The light that burns twice
[42:48] A.P – As bright burns
[47:08] A.P – Half as long
[50:18] relapxych.0 – Landmark II
[54:23] Nadja – Autopergamene (relapxych.0 remix)

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