Mix : Easily Embarrassed

4 Years Like Yesterday

The Easily Embarrassed project is a Netherlands group consisting of three electronic musicians – Jeffrey van der Schilden, Nick van der Schilden, and Peter Spaargaren. The crew have been producing for the past four years, releasing full length albums and EPs on labels like Cardamar, Cosmicleaf and Soundmute. For this Headphone Commute podcast, Easily Embarrassed collect their personal favorites from each year, arranged into a continuous mix for your listening pleasure. If you haven’t heard of EE until now, we are happy to make the introduction. Enjoy…

embarrassed.nl | myspace.com/easilyembarrassed

Track Listing:
1 Easily Embarrassed – The Truth 6:48 (to be released on new album “EE3” later this year. no release set yet)
2 Easily Embarrassed – Nothing But Spirit 6:25 (unreleased)
3 Easily Embarrassed – Leaving Terra & Sad Witches 1:33 (primarily the latter one, from the opening track on the EP “With eyes shut”)
4 Easily Embarrassed – I Am Sorry For Making You Suffer 4:28 (from the EP “With eyes shut”)
5 Easily Embarrassed – Reincarnation 7:30 (from the album “Idyllic Life”)
6 Easily Embarrassed – Final Hope Part 2 5:57 (from the album “Planet Discovery”)
7 Easily Embarrassed – Blurred Clouds Under The Gloomy Moon 3:29 (from the free EP “Darkened Emotion”)
8 Easily Embarrassed – Extraterrestrial Lifeforms 9:00 (from the album “Planet Discovery”)
9 Easily Embarrassed – Mental Anguish 9:16 (from the album “Idyllic Life”)
10 Easily Embarrassed – Ignition Improvised 1:37 (live edit of “Ignition” from the album “Planet Discovery”)
11 Easily Embarrassed – A Daring Follower 3:57 (from the EP “With Eyes Shut”)

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