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Fields We Found is the moniker of an artist and the newly-launched quiet details label founder, bathing our ears with ambient bliss. In the last few years, we were gifted with deep-evolving soundscapes appearing on AmbientologistSeil Records, and Handstiched Recordings, with the most recent album, Paths, “… exploring the routes we all choose and where they take us” on Facture. Late in 2022, Alex also put out music on the beloved Home Normal, run with tremendous devotion by the one and only Ian Hawgood. Today’s mix on Headphone Commute Podcast is essentially a love letter to our mutually adored ambient imprint, showcasing a lot of the beautiful music appearing on the label. I’ll let Alex say a few words on the mix below, but mostly let the music do the talking. Enjoy.

It was such an honour to release an album on Home Normal – the series beautifully curated by Ian Hawgood, a dear friend and one of the kindest, most inspiring people I know – so I’ve put a mix together with tracks from some of the other releases as tribute to this wonderful label. Since 2009, Home Normal has been incredibly consistent, putting out albums which cross boundaries and allow the artists to deeply express themselves – each one a masterpiece in its own right. There are over 150 releases, so it was quite a challenge to do a mix that did it justice – I could have done a hundred and still be making tough choices – or easily just of Ian’s music. There are a few little snippets, edits and one track not from the HN catalogue along the way, but felt fitting to include. Please support the label and the artists if you like the music. All available on Thanks for everything, Ian.

— Fields We Found


  •  Ian Hawgood and Stijn Hüwels01 (Voices)
  •  anthéneshuttered windows (hope remain)
  •  RosalesArc (Woven Songs)
  •  offthesky vs Kinder ScoutStill Born Star (The Curio Collection)
  •  Federico DurandEl libro de los árboles mágicos (El libro de los árboles mágicos)
  •  David CorderoEreaga – Getxo (El Rumor del Oleaje)
  •  ghost and tapeVár (Vár)
  •  Hotel NeonLowly (Hotel Neon)
  •  bvdubThese Walls Will Always Remember (for Dani) (Tribes at the Temple of Silence)
  •  Wil BoltonScoria (Cumulus Sketches)
  •  James MurrayFalling Backwards (Falling Backwards)
  •  Chihei HatakeyamaMorning Arrive On The Island (A Long Journey)
  •  The BoatsPalais Glide (Sleepy Insect Music)
  •  Ian HawgoodA Light That Never Dims (光)
  •  Ian HawgoodMama (Piano Works)