The Sight Below

No Place For Us

Entering the domain of ambient techno producers, is a newcomer by the name of The Sight Below. Ghostly didn’t think twice (and better for it), and snatched TSB for his first three-track EP, titled No Place For Us. The fact that I’m even taking the time to mention a digital single should tell you how excited I am about the upcoming work from this Seattle based musician [yes, I like to pretend that I’m very busy 😉 ]. And before I forget to mention – this is a free release, so go download your copy directly from the label’s site.

During the first track, No Place For Us, the ambient washed out sweeps yawn and stretch in swells of shoegazer’s agonizing obsessiveness over thick guitar and pad layers. The tonality of these resonant chords remind me of Lusine Icl’s Language Barrier (Hymen, 2007) and Murcof’s Cosmos (Leaf, 2007). Soon enough the kick drum comes in over the lazy vapors of sound. Like the soothing whispers of a river flowing through the dry lands, pumped by a steady heartbeat of the earth. I quote when I can’t say it better:

The music of TSB conjures half-remembered dreams and soft-focus sentiments with elegiac beauty; his video art works similarly, blurring snippets of film until they’re recognizable only as organic objects: black-and-white amoebas milling about, or a sunset rendered in grayscale.

The knowledge that the three pieces were performed live, only excites my neurons further. Really looking forward to The Sight Below’s first upcoming full length release on Ghostly, so that I can stop looping only these three tracks! Recommended for the likes of Yagya, Gas, Vladislav Delay and Echospace.