Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.

-Mary Oliver

I’ve noticed a new pattern in the last couple of years. Music videos became more and more predominant among the ambient and modern classical community to connect with their audience in a special way. But are these just some clever tools to market an upcoming album or do they indeed play an intricate part in the overall experience? I truly believe that it’s the latter. Visual artists and film directors are inspired by this music and use their very own creative outlet to express the feelings that the sonic part evokes. These videos are like external reflections of what is deeply felt inside. And when we see and hear and bear, then we connect. I hope that you’ll connect with this…

This video is directed by Thomas Petillo for Hammock‘s track “We Watched You Disappear” taken from their upcoming album, Universalis, out in December. Those already familiar with music by Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson, will rightfully glee and rush to pre-order this marvel – the release is available on a CD and also a double vinyl in your choice of colour (see below)! And those somehow new to this impressive Nashville duo shall be delighted with a disk or vinyl bundle at nearly 40% off of their original prices. I recommend you grab the latter to fully immerse yourself in this sound!

While Mysterium took listeners down a horizontal path that explored themes of death and grief, Universalis begins a vertical, upward movement back toward the light.