Meat Beat Manifesto


Jack Dangers is back! And on Planet Mu out of all the labels (for European distribution; Metropolis picked up the US release). What a perfect fit, seeming that Planet Mu is one of the established labels spearing the evolution of experimental and intelligent flavors of dubstep. Right off the bet, what’s amazing is that unlike other classic electronic acts (ok, I’ll say Orb and Orbital), Meat Beat Manifesto is _not_ locked into the past. Dangers is fresh with the times, embracing and re-inventing dubstep, as well as excelling in every aspect of the genre! He puts pretenders to shame!

Dangers lays it on thick, heavy on the bass, exquisite on the intricate beats, bringing back familiar samples, with production skills of a seasoned master. Autoimmune is MBM’s tenth studio album, whose discography spans over two decades of releases on a huge roster of labels, such as Wax Trax!, Elektra, Mute, Nothing, Run Recordings, and Play It Again Sam. For a full profile, history and discography you can reference the lengthy Wikipedia entry.

The newcomers should be impressed by a true veteran of electronica. And the longtime fans will not be disappointed. For a great interview with Jack Dangers, flashback tracks, and some special treats, be sure to check out my good friend Bazooka Joe’s show, Solipsistic Nation – Episode No. 88: Meat Beat Manifesto, Live.