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We’ve got something very, very special for you today, folks! A collaboration of forces between three separate entities, Headphone Commute, Ambientblog, and Slowcraft Records, are proud to present a unique mix by a colleague and partner in crime, Peter van Cooten, of beautiful works from a beautiful couple, James Murray and Anne Garner, culminating a selection of compositions they released individually, as well as together under various project names. Peter then carefully compiled these pieces together into a gorgeous journey of ambiance and voice, and now, along with the appearance on the Podcast, we are honoured to offer this little gem to you as a digital download (lossless, of course) via the new entry of Headphone Commute Presents on our Bandcamp! Whew! Here’s Peter with some thoughts on the making of this mix:

The inspiration for this mix came after attending separate performances of James Murray and Anne Garner. The music they perform is quite different: James exploring various kinds of abstract experimental electronic soundscapes, Anne performing her poetic emotional songs blending jazz, alternative pop, folk, spectral lullabies and tender neo-classical arrangements. As different as their output may be, it still fits together very well – which is no real surprise knowing that Anne and James are a couple living together, and James produces and contributes towards Anne’s music. I wanted to find out how it would work out when mixing some tracks from their past and recent albums together. And I found out it works very well, as you can hear yourself in this mix. It also shows that, if the ingredients match, one plus one can be much more than two!

– Peter van Cooten

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00:00 Anne Garner – Haunt Me (Instrumental)
  Trusting A Twirled World (Instrumental), 2011
02:28 James Murray – Grace (edit)
  Killing Ghosts, 2017
05:20 Anne Garner – Come In (edit with Christoph Berg remix)
  Be life, 2015 / Be Life Relived, 2016
08:43 James Murray – Hold Your Breath (edit)
  Floods, 2012
11:31 James Murray – Greenlands (Green Lane) (edit)
  Floods Returned, 2017
15:02 Anne Garner – Fall Before The Night
  Lost Play, 2018
19:32 Silent Vigils – Molenbrook
  Fieldem, 2018
22:41 James Murray – Laterisers
  Eyes to the Height, 2016
27:20 Anne Garner – Wednesday’s Child (edit with Louis Remix)
  Be life, 2015 / Be Life Relived, 2016
31:48 James Murray – Equuleus
  Heavenly Waters, 2017
33:57 Tetherdown – Pitch Roll And Yaw
  First Flight, 2016
43:01 Anne Garner – Soft Eyes (Lost Vocals Remix edit with original)
  Be Life Relived, 2016 / Be Life, 2015)
46:59 James Murray – These Hands
  Mount View, 2014
50:33 James Murray – The Sea In The Sky (edit)
  The Sea In The Sky, 2015
54:02 Anne Garner – The Tower
  Trusting A Twirled World, 2011
56:46 James Murray – Carina
  Heavenly Waters, 2017
1:00:35 Anne Garner – Wherever You Go
  Be Life, 2015