With Aphex Twin and Autechre back on the Warp radar, making the splash in the endless ocean of sound (some louder than others, may I add), we couldn’t resist turning the clock back to the days of IDM. Somewhere back in the early 2000s, when I was completely obsessed with the glitchy neuro-excited sound, the music of Crunch, Phonem, Funkstörung, and yes, the one and only Gescom, still goes on. Today we invite a Belgian n5MD artist, Suumhow, for our [hopefully first out of many] retrospectives on the genre. We hope that you come along for the ride! Here’s more from the duo:

Everyone has that handful of tracks that they just keep going back to, over and over again, no matter what. As teenagers growing up in Brussels in the late 90s/early 2000s, we lost our innocence to IDM/electronica institutions like n5MD, Toytronic, City Centre Offices, Schematic, Karaoke Kalk, Mego and Merck (just to name a few) – and never really left any of it behind. It’s still all here with us, as timeless go-tos and unique influences, and this first MUUSCLE MIX is an honest and humble tribute to all the tracks that made us who we are, shaped our taste in sound, helped us grow as musicians, and most importantly, never ever stopped blowing our minds!

00:00 Crunch – Grama (Musik aus Straum)
02:26 Gimmik – Le ciel (Toytronic)
07:30 Cim – Shift (Delsin)
11:30 Multiplex – velocity mind (Toytronic)
13:52 Gescom – Key Nell [Autechre Remix I] (Warp)
16:32 Funkstorung – Blindensendung (Chocolate Industries)
20:30 Phako – Description keys (DUB)
23:32 Gescom – Viral Rival Autechre remix (Skam)
26:50 Delarosa and Asora – Paz suite 4 (Schematic)
28:06 L’usine – Coded (Isophlux)
32:50 Phonem – Phonetik (Morr Music)
34:44 Phoenecia – Bob 09 (Nature Records)

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