After more than six months in the making, I am excited to present you with the second volume of my Residuum mix series, showcasing my favorite pieces in reductionist microsound and isolationist ambiance. Just as the first volume, released more than two years ago, the transitions in this collection have been meticulously curated for a deep listening experience. This mix is best experienced with a really good pair of open-back headphones, preferably in the horizontal position – do not operate any machinery while listening, as mild disorientation may occur. Please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists!

Cover art: “oxidation two” by emitt kyle


Tracklisting: Artist – Title (Edit) // Album [Label, Year]
Robert Crouch – The Propaganda of History
// Organs [Dragon’s Eye, 2015]
Yann Novak – Snowfall [excerpt]
// Snowfall [Dragon’s Eye, 2014]
Pinkcourtesyphone – Fabric Illusion / High On Neuroticism
// Sentimental Something [Important, 2015]
William Basinski + Richard Chartier – Divertissement Pt. 1
// Divertissement [Important, 2015]
Lost Trail – Canticle For A Broken Burlington
// An Elegy And A Mirror [Twice Removed, 2014]
Gabriel Saloman – The Disciplined Body (Part. 2) [excerpt]
// Movement Building Vol. 1 [Shelter Press, 2014]
Lawrence English – Antarctica [excerpt]
// Viento [Taiga, 2015]
Celer – Distant Misgivings
// Jima [I, Absentee, 2015]

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