Marcus Fjellström

Headphone Commute Mix

On today’s podcast I am honored to host a mix from Marcus Fjellström, a Swedish composer (now based in Berlin) whom I’ve been following since his 2010 release Schattenspieler on Miasamah. Fjellström creates a very unique, haunting and cinematic sound, that somehow captures the all encompassing mysteries of the universe through a self-centered lens of a very human experience. This collection of tracks showcases Fjellström’s personal favorites that influence and inspire. Here are some words from Marcus himself:

“Old and new favorites blending together. This musical stream of consciousness is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to peek into the far corners of my musical subconscious at this very moment. By the way, is it even possible for anyone to make a mix these days without including Mica Levi’s score for Under the Skin? No! Because it’s simply that good. Enjoy!”

00:00 Aphex Twin – Beetles
01:22 William Basinski – Melancholia I
03:44 Mica Levi – Lips to Void (Under the Skin OST)
10:15 Depeche Mode – Christmas Island
14:32 Ben Frost – The Teeth Behind the Kisses
17:44 Heinrich Rodenkirchen / Hermann Kopp / Monika M – Scelette Delicieux (Nekromantik 2 OST)
18:40 Robert Curgenven – Ressuscitant de l’étreinte de la Sirène
24:08 Alfred Schnittke – In Memoriam mmt 2
29:14 Depeche Mode – Interlude #3
30:20 Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester – Cola Island
32:58 Spooky – Aphonia
37:29 Tom Dissevelt – Whirling
40:25 Erik K. Skodvin – Reflecting
42:35 Mica Levi – Meat to Maths (Under the Skin OST)
44:05 Kreng – Tourniquet – Part 1
52:30 Aphex Twin – Next Heap With

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