Over two years ago, :papercutz recorded a mix titled Dream Scores for Headphone Commute, which till this day is our most popular podcast on our Mixcloud page (with over 12,000 listens!). Before 2012 is over, Bruno Miguel returns for the second installment in this cinematic journey! So without further ado, here is the introduction from Bruno himself:

According to neurologist Oliver Sacks, writer of the wonderful ‘Musicophilia’ and documentary ‘Musical Minds’, there is no direct meaning between melody & rhythm and a particular emotional response in our brain, besides the one we’ve been conditioned to associate it with (mostly through popular culture and our own upbringing). So in a way, we engage with music the way we were taught to but sounds can have different meanings to different listeners! With that new found knowledge in mind, why maintain the Dream tag? I guess, being a truly universal language, whose understanding is rooted deeply into ones ancestral brain, in music, we can express ourselves, but there’s a communication and empathy element that very much appeals to me. The fact that such scores maintain their emotional bond with its listener way beyond the movie theater or home video viewing is a testament to its strength and the used tag still seems to be the one that most resonate with! Melody wise, I got inspired by the current season and the compilation is based around what sounds visually remind me of Winter, though others may agree or not (I’ve also included a personal short take on melody that has been haunting my now longer nights by composer Max Richter). There is a slight new direction with all fresh composers (not found on Part I) most of them with a modern approach to scoring by incorporating synthesized sounds alongside their solo piano playing or classical arrangements. Being an electronic based musician, that leaves me excited for the future of movie soundtracks. May you enjoy listening to these picks as much as I did when I first got to know them. Here’s hoping so and that you’ll search for more of these musical minds’ amazing works…

Cover artwork by Susana Maia (my.little.lie)


01- Jon Hopkins – Campfire (Monsters)
02- Cliff Martinez – Wear Your Seat Belt (Solaris)
03- Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – What If We Could (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)
04- Hans Zimmer – On Thin Ice (The Dark Knight Rises)
05- Marc Streitenfeld – Weyland (Prometheus)
06- Brian Reitzell – Towers Of The Void (Red Riding Hood)
07- Alexandre Desplat – Circles (The Tree of Life)
08- Dario Marianelli – Evey Processed (V for Vendetta)
09- Ludovico Einaudi – Fly (Intouchable)
10- :papercutz – short interlude #1
11- Steve Jablonsky – The Island Awaits You (The Island)
12- Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci – Have That Or My Loyalty (Oranges & Sunshine)
13- John Powel – Six Weeks Ago (The Bourne Ultimatum)
14- :papercutz – short interlude #2
15- Javier Navarrete – Iconography (Waltz.With Bashir)
16- Ben Frost – The Invisibles (The Invisibles)
17- Max Richter – Horizon Variations (Elegy) (:papercutz minimal synth exercise)

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