Today’s mix comes from one of my favorite artists, the man behind Kesh Recordings, and all around great guy, Simon Scott. Since his debut, Navigare (Miasmah, 2009), Scott has proven to embrace and conquer musical territories, from ambient and experimental to abstract and drone. For this exclusive Headphone Commute podcast, Scott selects his favorite tracks to grace our ears with an incoming Spring:

As winter slowly turns into spring I celebrate turning a year older as the blossoms begin to appear and we begin to hear the croak of the crows who begin busily nesting at the top of the trees. As I begin to anticipate the forthcoming hot summer evenings the pollen in the air is accompanied by my activity of making this mix that contains some of my favourite tracks both old (Eno and Moore) and new (Intrusion and Kane Ikin + David Wenngren). Here is a spring 2012 mix that also serves to bridge the transition in my music of my previous album Bunny to releasing a new album on 12k called Below Sea Level in May 2012.

Photography by Simon Scott from his upcoming Below Sea Level on 12k |

01. Anthony Moore – Mu Na H-Uile Ni A Shaoileas (Polydor)
02. Eric La Casa – Zone Sensible 2 (Room40)
03. Bernard Parmegiani – Dedans-Dehors (INA-GRM)
04. Ken Ikeda – Mist On the Window (Spekk)
05. Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon (Virgin)
06. Taylor Deupree – Sere (12k)
07. Hannu – Masseudun Tulevasiuus (Kesh)
08. Seaworthy – Live In Melbourne (12k)
09. Intrusion – Under The Ocean (echospace [detroit])
10. Milleece – Fern
11. Bill Fontana – Satellite Sound Bridge Koln Kyoto (Wergo)
12. My Kappa Roots – Home Coming (Drifting Falling)
13. Lullatone – A Miniature Finale (Plop)
14. Strangers – Veil (Kesh)
15. Milieu – Written On Driftwood (Infration)
16. Lone Pigeon – King Creosote’s Wineglass Symphony (Domino)
17. Sogar – X_Pas (12k)
18. Sawako – Air (12k)
19. Opitope – A Far Room (Spekk)

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