French electronic music composer, Thomas Pujols, may be known for his dark and crunchy IDM releases on Hymen Records under his Nebulo moniker – see Kolia (2006), Ãvutmã (2008), and Artefact (2010) – but for today’s Headphone Commute podcast special, he mixes up a deep and introspective journey worthy of a thorough analysis. Just look at this amazing track list! On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t – just take this sonic ride with a blindfold on.

Cover art by Sam MessengerVeil From Eridanos (2011) |

00’00”_______01_francisco lopez _pataganoia 2005-2007
01’30”_______02_tellemake _cloches augen ende_part01
06’36”_______03_nebulo&druc drac_le réseau
07’36”_______04_tim hecker_chimeras
14’21’_______’06_nebulo_asht_(to be released)
19’03’_______’07_grisha lichtenberger _0311_10_lv_1_ir_wei
25’06’_______’09_mr.oizo_$tunt$(flying lotus remix)
27’36”_______10_lucky dragons_typical hippies
28’38”_______11_terry ryley_persian surgery
37’24”_______14_grisha lichtenberger_0406_01_rs_
46’27”_______16_brian eno_lizard point
49’45”_______17_nebulo&pleq_code inconnu
55’24”_______19_pj harvey_ my beautifull lea
57’18”_______20_broadcast_you and me
58’30”_______21_francisco lopez _pataganoia 2005-2007

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