Christopher Willits


Waking up this morning, a day of Thanksgiving (and more importantly a day off), I gravitate towards my studio and power on the system. Across the river, the sun is rising, and its bright yellow fingers sweep the cold Autumn skin. On this early day in November I gather my thoughts of all music, in preparation for the Best of 2011 feature, on which I will be working all next month. But meanwhile, I am in need of an acoustic atmosphere, an ambient meditation, and a sonic bath… and for that I turn to Christopher Willits, and his latest digital only release, GOLD.

This is the deepest and also the simplest piece I have created. All harmonics of two notes with very low waves of bass. It’s all about being present, in affinity and in love with you, and all that surrounds you. I created this piece to relax with, to meditate with, my intention is to create a bath of sound and light.

On this 24-minute piece, Willits is in total control of the swirling frequencies, staying true to his intention of working with simple tones, rolling bass swells and minimal manipulation of sound. The track streams with ease, covering textures like a low moving fog, leaving behind vapor and dew. Soaring along major chords and harmonics, GOLD attains a positive attitude, a feeling of well-being, and euphoria. This is a work that could be left playing on repeat throughout the day, with light drifting incense, fuzzy blankets and open windows.

The recording was made using processed guitar and voice, with the help of a synth for the low spectrum notes. Released in collaboration with, GOLD is available as an immediate download from Bandcamp, where you can name your own price. |