Field Rotation

Headphone Commute Mix

Welcome to another Headphone Commute Mix! I hope you’ve been enjoying the ride – I know I have! All this wonderful music turns into the soundtrack of my life! Today I am honored to host an exclusive mix from Christoph Berg, recording under the alias Field Rotation. As usual, much can be said about the music, but all becomes unnecessary when you simply turn it on… Please enjoy responsibly…

1. “A front” by David Andree
2. “And tomorrow I will sleep” by Field Rotation
3. “Incantare” by Solo Andata / “Scarlette V2” by I Am A Vowel
4. “Grainslip” by Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry
5. “Your Grand Finale (A theater of one)” by Bvdub & Ian Hawgood
6. “Hunted Twice” by Deaf Center
7. “Blind Daughters of Gaza” by Tokyo Bloodworm
8. “Meroo Lake Pt. 1” by Seaworthy + Matt Rösner
9. “Senex” by Smyth
10. “Dropping Sandwiches in Chester Lake” by Kyle Bobby Dunn
11. “Narrow” by Steinbrüchel
12. “Sora-iro” by Ironomi

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