Mix : Hidden Shoal Recordings

Another Place To Be

Australian label, Hidden Shoal Recordings, has been featured more than once on this site. In fact, we’ve recently celebrated label’s releases with our Sound Bytes : Hidden Shoal Special, featuring reviews of the latest from Markus Mehr, Slow Dancing Society, Jumpel, and Antonymes. But the music speaks through sound, and not words. And so, without further ado, we present you with an exclusive mix of Hidden Shoal gems, put together by the man behind the label himself, Cam Merton:

There were only two clear things I had in mind when I sat down to put this mix together – I wanted a track from our very first release , Wayne Harriss’s Aerospace, and one from our latest release, Antonymes’ The Licence To Interpret Dreams. These two tracks span 5 years and in a way generate a wormhole which completes the circle, a circle that is ever expanding as we move forward. The rest of the mix was curated in response to those two tracks and is in some ways a very dotted history of the labels’ output. It is by no means exhaustive and it certainly keeps its exploration to a number of specific oeuvres. We have over 80 releases in the catalogue and the genre/style/aesthetic span is reasonably broad (yet we hope completely cohesive for open minded music lovers). That broadness in scope isn’t evident here but I was less interested in showcasing our diversity and more interested in creating a specific kind of listening experience via the catalogue. As an introduction to the larger catalogue experience though I’d heartily recommend checking out our 6 free label sampler albums, the latest of which, Hydrozoa, we recently released to co-incide with our 5th birthday.


Track Listing: [mm:ss] Artist – Title // Album
[00:00] Jumpel – The Sea/Friends // Deuxième Bureau
[04:58] Elisa Luu – R3son8 // Chromatic Sigh
[08:10] Wayne Harriss – Anymore // Aerospace
[12:03] Wes Willenbring – The Burrow // Close, But Not Too Close
[12:02] Slow Dancing Society – Under The Sodium Lights // Under The Sodium Lights
[21:16] Boxharp – Cloy // The Green
[25:25] Tangled Star // That Time
[27:52] Liam Singer – Erat Hora // Dislocatia
[30:19] Cheekbone – Far // Yesterday
[36:17] Rich Bennett – Night Part 2 // On Holiday
[40:07] My Majestic Star – Meaning Less // Too Late, The Day
[42:57] Apricot Rail – Trout Fishing In Australia // Apricot Rail
[47:00] The Retail Sectors – The Decadence (Maps and Diagrams Remix) // Foregone Conclusion
[52:17] Down Review – Anything is Everything // From Here, For Anyone
[57:12] Stray Ghost – Part 3 // Nothing, But Death
[62:19] Antonymes – On Approaching The Strange Museum // The Licence To Interpret Dreams

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