With June begins the second half of the year, with the first one laying dormant in the past. But it’s no good to mourn the things that were – instead we celebrate the times. Today, with the help of Andreas Adams (aka MuskoakA) we take a look back at our favorite selections of 2011, and dust them off for another rotation. For this exclusive Headphone Commute mix, Andreas was provided a limited set of albums to work with, in particular only the selections from our Best of 2011’s Music For Withered leaves And Lonely FishtanksWith this constraint, Andreas set out to make one of the ultimate ‘best-of’, mixes that we can’t wait to share with you! And we’ll have more on the way! Please enjoy responsibly…


00:00 Offthesky – Whittling You Little Lights // The Beautiful Nowhere (Hibernate)
03:04 Scissors And Sellotape – I say ‘get used to it’ // For the Tired and Ill at Ease (Facture)
06:34 Offthesky – The Lonesome Crowded Nest // Whittling You Little Lights (Hibernate)
08:23 Maps and Diagrams – The Strait Of Malacca // Get Lost (Time Released Sound)
13:04 Antonymes – The Door Towards The Dream // The Licence To Interpret Dreams (Hidden Shoal)
16:18 Fjordne – Hope // Charles Rendition (Kitchen)
18:40 Offthesky – Melt And Wander // Whittling You Little Lights
18:57 Scissors And Sellotape – Join the Club // For the Tired and Ill at Ease (Facture)
19:03 Antonymes – Wave Upon Wave // The Licence To Interpret Dreams (Hidden Shoal)
20:10 Emanuele Errante – Memoirs // Time Elapsing Handheld (Karaoke Kalk)
20:40 Swod – Oktober // Drei (City Centre Offices)
22:08 Marsen Jules – Sweet Sweet Longing // Nostalgia (Oktaf)
22:24 Antonymes – On Arrival At The Strange Museum // The Licence To Interpret Dreams (Hidden Shoal)
28:00 David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette – A Deceptive and Distant Howl // The Meridians of Longitude and Parallels (Home Normal)
30:33 Marcus Fjellström – LM-118 // Library Music 1 (Kafkagarden)
34:28 Marsen Jules – Through Blood And Fire // Nostalgia (Oktaf)
36:56 Offthesky – Poison Prophets // Whittling You Little Lights (Hibernate)
40:06 Maps and Diagrams – A Man from Atlantis // Get Lost (Time Released Sound)
42:48 Winterlight – A Sky Full Of Clouds // Hope Dies Last (n5MD)
43:26 Scissors And Sellotape – It’s a long slog // For the Tired and Ill at Ease (Facture)
44:41 Swod – Sans Peau // Drei (City Centre Offices)
46:27 Antonymes – Oradour-sur-Glane // The Licence To Interpret Dreams (Hidden Shoal)
50:03 Emanuele Errante – Counterclockwise // Time Elapsing Handheld (Karaoke Kalk)

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