Headphone Commute’s Best of 2010 : Music For The Frosty Night When I Miss Your Warm Light

Another sunset without you. How precious were those little moments… how futile are these tardy words. I didn’t get a chance to tell you, although I sensed that you have known. I mourned your soul before departure, while you just smiled and spread the light. And so you’re here, among, within me. This music makes us whole again.

(entries are listed in alphabetical order by artist. links point to album reviews on headphone commute)

Arc Of Doves – The Lights (AY)
Boduf Songs – This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything (Kranky)
bvdub – The Art of Dying Alone (Glacial Movements) [ REVIEW ] [ INTERVIEW ]
Hummingbird – Our Fearful Symmetry (Fluid Audio) [ REVIEW ] [ INTERVIEW ]
Kristin Rule – The Knife that Cuts a Tear (self)
Morgan Packard – Moment Again Elsewhere (Anticipate)
Murralin Lane – Our House Is On The Wall (12k) [ REVIEW ]
Olan Mill – Pine (Serein)
Richard Skelton – Landings (Type) [ REVIEW ] [ INTERVIEW ]
The Fun Years – God Was Like, No (Barge)

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