Track of the Week : Mark Harris

The Boy Observes the Ocean

We’ve got another album sampler for you! This time, it’s an 18 minute meditation session, with selection of the tracks from the latest album by Mark Harris – The Boy Observes The Ocean released by Hibernate Recordings. Thick ambient pads, swell in layers of sounds, filling the empty spaces with vapors soundscapes, and then recede back into the void. Let these frequencies envelope you, and cradle you with the timeless isness… Harris’ sound sources range from treated instrument samples to field recordings, “which are then designed into a gradually evolving and immersive sound environment intended to evoke a strong emotional response amongst the listener.

Remember, this is just a teaser! So be sure to get your copy of this album from the label’s shop! While stocking up on this release from Hibernate, be sure to pick up the very latest from Andrea Ferraris & Matteo Uggeri as well as the absolutely stunning work by Clem Leek, which I will shortly review!