Track of the Week : En

The Absent Coast

In the spirit of featuring snippets from upcoming releases, here’s another album sampler from our friends at Experimedia. On this 7-minute preview of their latest work, the San Francisco based duo, Maxwell August Croy and James Devane, releasing under the name En explore ambient swells and textured atmospheres, in their debut collection of recordings, The Absent Coast. “The pair utilize a wide range of instrumentation – koto, guitar, vocals, rhodes, melodica, and piano, among other devices – which is processed and refined into rich walls of reverberant bliss . With its hazy atmospherics, microtonal drones and plaintive tones, the album evokes the type of unplaceable nostalgia that accompanies the imaginary landscapes of past memory.”

Released by the US label, Root Strata, the album is currently available as a 12″ vinyl release directly from Experimedia or Thrill Jockey mail order. For other quality recordings from the same label, check out their releases by Machinefabriek, Keith Fullterton Whitman, Tarentel, Grouper and Zelienople.