Maxime Dangles


Release Notes

Label: In Between
Release: Le Roman De Carpentier
Date: April 19th, 2024

Pre-order on Bandcamp

Time is always speeding up. I feel like we just came out of the New Year’s celebration, but the truth is, we are a whole quarter done with 2024. It’s time to take a break and possibly slow down. I’ll be off for a couple of weeks, recharging my batteries somewhere on the coast of France, but before I leave, I’ve got one more exciting track premiere to share with you today. This one is courtesy of French producer Maxime Dangles, who previously showed up here with a Pavane Remix of his “Operate” back in 2023. I liked the pure energy and musicality of that piece, and I was excited to preview his upcoming new full-length, titled Le Roman De Carpentier, which the French National Cinema Center commissioned as a soundtrack for the 1913 silent film celebrating the first French boxing world champion. Turning to his arsenal of modular synthesizers and club gear, Dangles focused on blending a perfect balance between ambient, electronica and techno across the twelve tracks on the album. The result, full of excitement and, once again, raw energy and grit, is what has genuinely drawn my attention to some of the pieces here, especially the ambient composition titled “Papa”, this being Headphone Commute and all…

A sound narrative of great finesse, affirming the richness of Maxime Dangles’ production work and his ability to draw singular landscapes from which strong emotions emerge […] exploring the most experimental side of club music.

The full album is out via the French In Between imprint on April 19th, 2024. You can pre-order it on the label’s Bandcamp.