Jim Perkins & Curve Ensemble

A Distant Sun

Release Notes

Label: Bigo & Twigetti
Release: From the Deep
Date: September 29th, 2023
Mastered By: John Croft

Pre-order on Bandcamp

Today, I’m listening to an upcoming release on Bigo & Twigetti, titled From the Deep, collecting five pieces by different composers, all performed by a newly formed Curve Ensemble. “Taking their name from the arc shape they perform in, Curve Ensemble is made up of a group of friends who met playing with many of the major orchestras and chamber ensembles on platforms throughout the UK and abroad.” This is a collective of musicians, each bringing their own unique experience to the entire whole, turning original compositions into emotional, heartfelt, and honest music. These immersive performances include works from Angus MacRae, Jim Perkins, Tony Woollard, Anna De Bruin and Daniel Hewson. For my introduction to this upcoming album, I’ve selected a piece by none other than the founder of this London-based imprint, Jim Perkins. It’s a deceptively simple composition, demonstrating how even the most unadorned melody can transform the delivery in the hands of the performers who truly connect with its message. If you enjoyed this, you should also check out this Bigo & Twigetti Mix put together by Leah Kardos for Headphone Commute back in 2020.

‘A Distant Sun’ takes a simple melodic phrase and reworks it, changing the harmony and register of the notes to balance a familiar constant with changing surroundings to create a warm and emotionally moving piece.

Once again, the album will be released on September 29th, 2023 via Bigo & Twigetti, and you can pre-order it now on the label’s Bandcamp. Looking forward to witnessing this ensemble live! You can check out some of their performnces here.