Bigo & Twigetti is a London based label which, in recent years, has brought us an eclectic selection of artists ranging from ambient to electronic to contemporary classical genres and everything in between. Most recently, I’ve been inspired by Ben Crosland and his album The Turn as well as captivated by the always excellent Leah Kardos [who still owes me an introduction to her best friend, Dudley]. Leah has previously made us a Headphone Commute Mix, but for this installment, I’ve asked her to compile a sampler of the label’s offerings to showcase the catalog and hopefully discover some new acts. It’s an eclectic selection of tunes, perfect for your WFH commute.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from some of my favourite people who have released music with my label Bigo & Twigetti. I feel very proud to be part of this creative community, and honoured to be asked to sequence this listening experience for you. I hope you might discover your next favourite artist here. The sequence was chosen with the seasonal turn in mind, as it feels like the longest lockdown summer is finally drawing in. Best enjoyed, I think, on a grey day with a favourite cardigan.

— Leah Kardos


  •  Brother Tree Sound‘Interstice 2’ from Interstices
  •  Julia Gjertsen‘Detached’ from Perceptions
  •  Olof Cornéer‘Waves, Breaths and Dead Cities Part 2 (Night Gestalt Version)’ from Waves, Breaths and Dead Cities
  •  William Ryan Fritch‘Disproportionate Joys’ from Scale
  •  Jim Perkins‘Foundling’ from Constance
  •  Nonsemble‘Practical Mechanics Mvt II (Meek Sounds remix)’ from Go Part 3c
  •  Night Gestalt & Lisa Rydberg‘The Sunken Machine’ from Sudden Rituals Vol. 1
  •  Jeremy Keenan‘Untitled for Umia’ [excerpt] from Immaterial
  •  Madeleine Cocolas‘My Winter Eyes’ from Winter
  •  Heinali‘A Glass Island’ from Autumn
  •  Madeleine Cocolas‘Riley, Blaze 1’ from Metropolitan
  •  Liam J Hennessy‘Flow’ from In The Half Light
  •  Fiona Brice‘Mvt. 1 – Holographic Field Rework’ from String Quartet No. 1
  •  Cenes‘Approaching’ from Carried
  •  Ed Carlsen‘Loom’ from The Exquisite Corpse
  •  Jim Perkins‘Held (Holographic Field Re-work)’ from Pools Re-Works
  •  Luca Longobardi‘Autumna’ from Autumn
  •  Various Artists‘Detachment’ from Variables
  •  Brother Tree Sound‘Interstice 1’ from Interstices