Sky Is A Painter

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Time goes by. Time stands still. Time loops upon itself. And if it wasn’t for the sound, changing as it flows through time, and for the clouds, nudging time as they pass through, we wouldn’t even notice all the changes. Was it really you, a month ago, a year and a decade, and was it really me? Or is it still somewhere out there, in other space, in other time? And as we measure time in colours of the seasons, in music of the spheres, and in the ever-present change, it’s through transitions of ourselves, in time, that we experience this ‘living’. Today’s mix is inspired by such passages through time. “It is about when you are in one ‘place’ and you then you start to feel the things slowly change,” says Goce Gligurovski, recording under his Mnemonic45 moniker, who in the past has made the mix for Headphone Commute called Between Two Seasons. “You are not sure about direction, but you feel familiar with the transition.” And as time appears to stand still, we may be experiencing an enormous transition for the entire humankind. It’s better with this music.


  •  Danny Clayin the sweet bye and bye
  •  Shaula‘0’
  •  Andrew Chalk & Tom James ScottMayfly
  •  RaumEvent Of Your Leaving
  •  CelerIn plum and magenta
  •  Et CassetteMidnight – Dimly Fading
  •  Mnemonic45Sud
  •  Desert of HiatusThe Meaning of Flight
  •  TalkingmakesnosenseStill Change
  •  Michiru AoyamaSlow Moment
  •  Simon BaintonHaven
  •  ShaulaYou Sleep Like Lyric Poetry