It has been another long winter here on the east coast of the United States, and the spring is slowly tip-toeing on the frozen landscape, as if afraid to show its face amid neglected trees. But I know that soon enough the padded jackets will be put away into the closets, and the sun will once again wake up the birds. This transition between the two seasons, winter and spring, is the inspiration behind this mix by Goce Gligurovski, also known as Mnemonic45, who last recorded his selections for our podcast back in 2011. Enjoy its gentle awakening, like the flowers bathing in the first rays of sunshine…

Et Cassette – Television Flickers (from soundcloud/et-cassette, unreleased)
Loscil – Angle of List (from “Sea Island” kranky 2014)
Mnemonic45 – Wave Coast Wind (from “Live at Radio Kanal 103” self 2014)
SaĆ„ad – Giant Mouth (from “Deep Float” hands in the dark 2014)
Eluvium – Static Nocturne (from “Static Nocturne” watership sounds 2010)
Hotel Neon – The Crushing Weight (from “Hotel Neon” self 2012)
Rafael Anton Irisarri – Her Rituals (from “The Unintentional Sea” room40 2013)
The Fun Years – My Lowville (from “Baby, It’s Cold Inside” barge 2008)
Kane Ikin – Sailing (from “Contrail” 12k 2011)

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