Interview with Helios

Hello Keith, hope you’re doing well… What have you been up to this past weekend?
I generally spend my weekends doing family stuff and trying (but generally failing) to fix multiple things around the house. Music when the opportunity arises.

Is there anything in particular that prompted this release to appear on Ghostly?
I’ve been a big fan of Ghostly’s output over the years and I admire how they’ve brought together a lot of great artists, designers, and musicians. What they do feels authentic and they care about the community. I self-released for quite a while but it’s a big task to take on by oneself, and Ghostly has a wonderful team of people who are passionate about running a label and it felt like the right fit to have the material in their hands.

What is the surrounding setting during which these pieces were composed?
Various settings, mostly late at night, quiet moments. It’s hard to write this kind of thing in the daytime. Everything’s faster and maybe more rushed, brighter and less inert. Night brings with it a sense of vagueness and space that I think is more conducive to writing this type of material.

What healing properties would you say that music has for you?
Music heals just about everything for me. It has always been my way to deal with the complexities of life because it is simple and direct and honest, regardless of what the end result is. Somehow the process is both stressful and stress-free. It’s really the only time I can experience that feeling of being in the moment.

What happens in your mind if you don’t compose music for a while?
It gets a little confusing. I need a balance of being lost in a creative mindset and the flow of my outside life, too much of one or the other and my brain gets a bit muddled.

What gets you inspired?
Honestly just sitting down at the piano or the guitar or drums is inspiring enough. TIME is inspiring!