Words from noition:

This mix is called “child of nature”. It is a proof that music and nature fit together very well, especially for those who feel connected with nature. However, in every one of us, you find a little “child” of nature. Probably you will realize this by listening. Until now I’ve recorded nature sounds with my pocket recorder. This time everything is from vinyl – the music and the background sound as well. This was the reason to record this mix with three turntables. Sometimes I changed the vinyl every 10 seconds. In total, I used up to 30 records. In this mix, I represent a lot of German techno and house artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, Sascha Funke, and Martin Stimming, but in a completely different way as usually known. Also included are the Baka Forest People from Southeast Cameroon, Антон Кубиков from Russia, Pink Floyd, and others. So it is difficult to declare one genre for this mix. The first part is rather slow before the music permanently rises with more rhythm. Finally, you will hear sounds that you have already heard in the beginning. So you can repeat it again and again… a life circle of nature.

Apparat – Black Water (noition Re-Interpretation)
Origamibiro – Odham’s Standard
Walrus Ghost – Seventwentyone
Sascha Funke – Summer Rain
Peter Broderick – Floating
Stimming – Feeding Seagulls
Антон Кубиков – Ambianopolis
Baka Forest People of Southeast Cameroon – Liquindi 2
Paul Kalkbrenner – Steinbeisser (Wighnomy Brothers & noition Re-Interpretation)
Field Rotation – Regenzeit
Jon Hopkins – The Low Places
Pink Floyd – Cirrus Minor (terrapin Re-Interpretation)
M83 – Fountains
Loco Dice – Menina Brasileira
Marek Hemmann – Stripped
Bonobo – Migration
John Talabot – Depak Ine

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