And so… we arrive at Headphone Commute mix #199, exclusively put together by Cologne based (Germany) Kevin Gabriel, a member of jvbr, recording under his moniker ‘k”. Perhaps too early for the actual celebration of two hundred mixes, yet nevertheless a milestone of its own, this podcast signifies yet another transition in time and space. Tomorrow I set off on one of my longest and most exciting adventures, covering South East Asia countries: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in about a month’s time. This trip will give me an opportunity to step back from the every day grind, including the sometimes compulsive consumption of music, and enter a completely different world where life goes on as is. As I travel, I will spend plenty of time listening to this particular mix, and I invite you to join me on my journey, at least through this sonic companionship.

Original Cover Photo by Barbara Fischer

franz kirmann | ghost of a smile | denovali
tim hecker | music for tundra | alien8 recordings
franz kirmann | with such a sweet disapair
deru | that happens when you ask | mush
otto a totland | open / steps | sonic pieces
loscil | prairie trains | kranky
lawrence english | Wilderness Of Mirrors | room 40
tim hecker | radiance | kranky
nils frahm | them | erased tapes
françois-eudes chanfrault | square pads for an eternal dawn | asphalt duchess ‎
movie quote – sicario dinner scene
yves de mey | metrics | opal tapes
lee gamble | you concrete | pan
aphex twin | schottkey 7th path | r&s records
jefre cantu-ledesma | river like spine | type
inga copeland | advice to young girls | none
född död | stoft av löften | northern electronics
sova stroj | as days grow silent we love each other | testtoon
deru | Pathologically Bored | best of friends
alva noto | isola | raster noton
björk | all is full of love | little indian
fennesz | m remix 4 | touch # tone
christina vantzou | little darlin’ seize the sun | kranky
bersarin quartett | staub und sterne | denovali
variant | someplace else | echospace detroit
mikkel metal | quietly calling | echocord
tim hecker | norberg | room 40
nils frahm | less | erased tapes
a winged victory for the sullen | minuet for a cheap piano number one | erased tapes

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