Cole Pierce


So it has come to this… Days turn into weeks, weeks into few months, and months into those years. I take in one breath, and summer turns into autumn, reminding me that nature doesn’t wait, and time is just another villain, mocking from afar. And now I measure time with music, and the weeks with mixes, and the years with lists. Today I check in with Cole Pierce to see if he’s got music for my ears, and sure enough, he’s more than happy to oblige. Enjoy your autumn walk!

Part 1 – Crescendo of rococo modern classical
Part 2 – Relics, ballads, and downtempo electronic

Amapola Dust – Alejandra & Aeron
Will There Be Any – Jerry Jeff Walker
Cendre – Collin Vallon Trio
A Box of 78’s – Dinahbird
Paula – CP field recording
I’m always the guy going to the motor” he says. – The Willo Collective
Toilet Brushes – More – Nils Frahm
The War (Zero’s Theme) – Alexandre Desplat
The Word for the World is Forest by Ursula k Leguin, read by Lawrence Ballard
The Clear Realization – Man Forever & So Percussion
Can’t Hardly Stand It – Charlie Feathers
Heavenly Routine – Bob Bucko Jr.
Gratitude – Teebs
Here I Am – The Maxin Trio
Early Drive to a Private Lagoon – Geotic
Ending – Bruce Langhorn
For Your Precious Love – Otis Redding
XR21 – Ssaliva
Let the Silence Float – Deru
Florid (Brambles mix) – Benoît Pioulard
Night Owls – Roy Orbison
Our – Actress
Rhodeos – Bus
Over Inlaid – Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello
Monologue – Lee Hazlewood
Vacant – World’s End Girlfriend

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