Mix : Shukry Adams


Shukry Adams returns to Headphone Commute’s podcast with his third installment! What can we say – we love his eclectic selection… He makes our ears go “woot?” 🙂 There are no words to describe this journey, although Adams certainly has tried, occasionally inventing his own genres along the way. Here is his blurb, unedited, and raw:

this here mix is 6 months in the making. the surge in yawn inducing dubschlep and witch house {fail} has me jaded. i wanted to create a lo-fi feel while at the same time maintain a clean aesthetic reminiscent of the layered yet slick 8bit hiphop skweee steez on the rise blowing minds and shit. rubickskube cos i am fond of substituting c with k and spoonerismingly shuffling our virgin alphabetty. kubrick’s shining dialogue opens and somewhere amongst the hiss and fuzz is the clockwork orange teem. inspired by these 2 moofies and moofies in general i based the mix thereon/with/albeit/a-la-mode and tried to resonate the mild complexity and broooooodiness along with the sharp wit of kubriqs stuf/ .listen for other movie and vocal samples. you might not find any~– rubicks cube’s complexity & mentalpatience required maybe like the 46min trip i present to you. mount kimbie bein f*cken impatient anticipating which pitchfork[fail] endorsed track is to fhollow but alas <> a co.lossal buffet of bass, a lil wayne/john carpenter mashurp “even some folk song from a texas state prison circa.1965. /a whimsical hiphop folk tale by the books. shlohmo. heliocentrics. teebs working hard between breaks\ keeping it fairly daak and lowfai affirmative tailending some 8bit and skweee and
play loud. better under headphones.
onward &upward

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Track Listing:
nonima & the auiologist – far away tones passing by
comfort fit – sky raper (shlohmo mix)
necro deathmort – woburn place corner
sp-33 – cooking eggs
astroposer – germanotta
periskop – and his death
gultskra artikler – kartoshka
beethoven – clockwork orange theme
joseph “chinaman” johnson & group – move along ‘gator
o. – sounde
mount kimbie- serged
phonophani – morki
o. – cynicaldemons
jonwayne – face bomb (bts)
the books- chain of missing links
the books – the story of hip-hop
o. – hipster
o. – sicksevenup
cupp cave – miamiga
shlohmo – sludgefest
astroposer – santali
cupp cave – breech this trust
cloaks – desolate turves 1st
jonwayne – omagaw
nonima & sonal – intro
melodium – falaise
sculpture – command signal
yuk. feat teebs – onlywhenshesmiles
the heliocentrics – outro

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