So Saimon Saimonse is a little bit obsessed with bvdub – but who isn’t it? Brock Van Wey is more than a prolific artist, with more than a handful of albums per year under many monikers – he is a shaman weaving sonic landscapes that are just as beautiful as they are hypnotizing. It’s easy to drown in the trance-inducing waves of sound, light-churning beats, bass, and the trailing melodies that seem to go on forever, only to be ached for after they stop. And so, it’s easy to agree with Saimonse’s selection for this 90-minute podcast, which I am broadcasting from my hotel in London. In fact, on the way back from my quick weekend getaway in Prague, I boarded the plane, put on this lovely mix, closed my eyes, and when it was over, I was back in London. A fine trip in the company of a favorite artist! But as usual, don’t listen to my words – listen to the music and experience for yourself!

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bvdub – it’s too late | quietus
bvdub – a prayer to false gods | shoreless
bvdub – my only friend | quietus
brock van wey – can’t go home without you | echospace [detroit]
bvdub & loscil – moirai | glacial movements
bvdub – gone tomorrow | darla
bvdub – peonies fall for kings | n5md
bvdub – two hours to forever (just ask me, i’ll stay) | n5md
bvdub – through the lower room, we rise higher | darla
bvdub – washed away in your waves (this is love) | ay
bvdub – peonies fall for kings (edit) | n5md
earth house hold – a little late for that now | peach
bvdub – today he felt life | n5md

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