Road To Home

Saimon Saimonse is back once again for another mix on Headphone Commute Podcast. This time, he carefully picks his selections which span an hour long journey in just a few tracks. These slowly open up to reveal an inner beauty of each piece and unravel a sentimental journey – a journey on the road to home. Please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists!

Photography by Philip McKay

36 – Geiga | 3six Rec
Axs – Frozen Signpost | Silent Season
Marsen Jules – Lazy Sunday Funerals 01 | Autoplate
Lusine Icl – Without Standing | Hymen Rec
Ian Hawgood – Koma | Slow Flow Rec
Silence – Omid / Hope | Fax +49-69/450464
36 – Siren | 3six Rec
bvdub – When We Saved The World | AY

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