A free track from one of the top producers in psychedelic dub and ambient scenes – what’s not to like? To support his new full-length upcoming album, Mir, the UK-based producer Ott, closely working with Hallucinogen, Shpongle, and many other Twisted artists, as well as the man behind his celebrated release, Skylon (Twisted, 2008), is giving away a track from the album, Adrift In Hilbert Space. This time, the album will be released on his own, Ott Sonic Music, and it’s already heralded as “his best work to date”.

To accompany the release, Ott will be performing a re-formatted live PA set this spring and summer in packed clubs and festivals on a 35+ show tour across the US. Mir will be available for download through ottsonic.bandcamp.com, as well as at all major online retailers and limited physical copies will be available on the tour.

Really excited about this one. Did you hear the entire thing? Especially further down in the track where Ott breaks out into, what I believe, dubstep? Hypnotic and massive at once! You can be sure I’ll be grabbing a copy of this one! Check out upcoming tour dates on ottsonic.net