Fields We Found


I’ve got an exceptional podcast for you today, folks. It’s not a mix but rather a continuous, single, long-playing track composed by Fields We Found. I’m sharing this fantastic music as an opening to an introduction to a brand new label, quiet details, which I will be profiling this week. Founded this year by the artist behind this piece, the imprint focuses on each artist’s interpretation of the phrase after which the label is named. Spanning multiple genres, the upcoming releases explore this idea in each artist’s unique way, with the catalogue and upcoming schedule including names such as the humble beeFields Line CartographerLuke Sangerbvdub, zakè, and many others [with nearly two years of releases planned already!], whom I’m sure we’ll find on these pages. Each release will be accompanied by handmade artwork, with the music and each artist’s intuition as a guide to the palette and structure, available as a physical item with bespoke packaging and individual prints. It’s a wonderful series to follow from the very beginning, and I am honoured to be a part of this introduction to you. I’ll be back with more words on the label later this week, but for now, please enjoy this beautiful piece titled “chroma”.