Svarte Greiner

Vapor (a Miasmah mix)

As winter approaches I find myself waking up to darker hours. There is something special about these early mornings, when the first rays of light are still deep asleep. It is only appropriate that I saturate my daily rituals with the right type of music – the music which seems to originate from a deep well filled with eerie vapor that is Miasmah, one of my all-time favorite labels, run by Erik K Skodvin (aka Svarte Greiner) out of Berlin. Next year the label will mark its 10-year anniversary, with the appropriate celebrations starting earlier, taking place this year at STUK, Leuven & FLUISTER, Dordrecht in BE/NL on October 9th and 10th featuring Kreng (w/Gareth Davis & Eric Thielemans), James Welburn, Simon Scott & Svarte Greiner. Those who cannot make it out to Belgium or Netherlands will be no doubt satisfied with this mix…

The mix starts with a track from the forthcoming Miasmah release by Volcano The Bear, which will be released as 5LP 20-year retrospective box set.

Volcano The Bear – Horse (from Commencing, 2015)
James Welburn – Hold (from Hold, 2015)
Encre – Plexus II (field recording excerpt from Plexus II, 2006)
Eric Thielemans – River (from Sprang, 2014)
Svarte Greiner – White Noise (from Black Tie, 2013)
Kreng – Monkey side A (excerpt from Works for Abattoir Férme, 2012)
Andrea Belfi – Su Linee Rette (from Natura Morta, 2014)
Simon Scott – Ashma (from Navigare, 2009)
Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti – Stained (excerpt from Gramercy, 2012)
Kaboom Karavan – Road Map (from Short Walk with Olaf, 2007/2013)
B/B/S/ – Gather Part 2 (from Half Moon 7″, 2013)
Kreng – Stef in Rome (from Monster 10″, 2012)
Elegi – Søvnens Kvelertak (from Sistereis, 2007)
Gabriel Saloman – Mine Field(from Soldier´s Requiem, 2013)
Gultskra Artikler – Krovinka Moya (from Kasha Iz Topora, 2007)

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