Two and a Half Questions with Tipper

Last night I had a dream that I was checked into rehab for overdosing on music. I think you were there as well. What were you in for?
I’m the janitor there.

What would be a perfect musical performance for your funeral, and who should we book to perform?
I don’t give a fuck ‘cos i’ll be dead, but for the purpose of your own entertainment, you may want to book this talent : manualist plays the bee gees

Seriously now, how Big is the Question, and how small is the head?
The question is about the size of a small wood pigeon and the head is about the size of a frustrated raisin.

On Broken Soul Jamboree I hear a few neat-sounding metallic percussion instruments. Who was your favorite Ninja Turtle and why?
Never watched it, but after some extensive research, probably Raphael, as he is purported to be both sullen and pissed off… these emotional traits stemming from an existential crisis that came about as a result of being one of only four anthropomorphic turtles in existence. Fair game.

The album cover photography is striking. Tell us about the outfit you’re wearing. Was it hard to breathe?
Well… right now i’m wearing a Brazilian thong and red high heels. It’s only hard to breathe when i have the gag-ball in.

I like Jambalaya, but sometimes the spices give me the runs. What is the main ingredient in your Jamboree?
The broken soul of a small child augmented with a panoply of psychoactive toe jam from around the cosmos. (and a small dash of anal leakage from your Jambalaya.)

I’ve listened to your record about seven times now. What would you want to ask me?
Are you not bored yet?

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