Another exclusive video premiere for you, folks. Do you like these? Do let me know! This one is courtesy of Richard Pike and his project Deep Learning (sometimes appearing as D E E P L E A R N I N G) from his recently released album, Soft Confidence on Salmon Universe. “Freedom of Things” features one of those visual queues which definitely add to the auditory part of the story. Shot at night, on an Overground riding through East London, the observer is briefly encountered with a moment of reflection through poetry and sound. It’s sentimental, minimal and sweet, just like the arpeggiated synth lines of the composition. Literally “Headphone Commute” material 🙂

I’ve been living in East London for ten years and have seen the landscape change a lot in that time. I’ve been capturing it with 35mm photography, so I wanted the video to reflect my photos. The poem reflected the sense of movement I was going for and a kind of nostalgia. […] The idea was to make small meditative vignettes. When you find purity it feels like it unravels a greater unifying truth. It’s an attempt to uncloud things.”

The video features a poem courtesy of Jane Draycott and additional FX by Nathan DrabschSoft Confidence is available from Deep Learning Bandcamp as a digital release and a limited edition cassette. Recommended if you enjoy thoughtful ambient synth journeys while commuting through your life.