Automatisme & Erinome

Transport 4

I’ve got a Video Premiere for you on this Saturday morning, folks, from a curious Omaha-based Neologist Productions imprint, releasing experimental music on cassettes and even videotapes as their choice of media, from artists such as Erinome, Hakobune, and Sopor, among the names I recognize. This video is from a collaborative album by Automatisme & Erinome titled Post-Landscape 1 for a track called “Transport 4”, combining elegant guitar driven ambience by Aaron Hansen and glitchy digital manipulations by William Jourdain to construct an overlapping semi-generative environment, visually enhanced with the optical distortion of its perceivable counterpart, which briefly snaps you out of your daily trance of your conceptual reality.

If you’re not into cassette culture (yet) check out the digital release available on Bandcamp (keep in mind that physical copies sell out fast). Recommended for fans of a non-conventional sound of abstract electronica, field recordings, minimal drone and noise. |